Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's a PAINT Blog Party!!!

Did you ever walk into a room and feel like you knew someone your whole life?  That's how I felt when I met Carrie Bloomston from SUCH Designs.  But I think everyone who meets her feels that way!  What a wonderful, warm, inspiring and creative woman!!!

A few short weeks ago,  I was invited by a fabulous "sewinista", Danny of  Mommyforreals, to join Carrie one evening in Phoenix!  Carrie gathered part of her global village to witness the limitless burst of energy, creativity and skills in a few short hours.  She brought her newest  Windham Fabric PAINT collection and let our imaginations run wild!  While we had the opportunity to see these fabulous fabrics up close and personal, we joined together and had fun sewing tote bags and aprons!!   Also resulting from these hours of sewing, laughing and meeting each other, is the pattern for the fantastic "Village Apron" available through Windham when PAINT is released in the fall.

A privilege.  That what I call it!  We had the privilege of being part of something bigger for that special night. We really didn't know each other and yet we were a well-oiled creative machine!  Although the evening ended too soon!!…..  We could have gone all night and never run out of ideas for making wonderful items with this great new line of coordinating fabrics!!

See what I had the opportunity to make with Paint!

I'm a very function oriented sewist at heart. My original designs arise mainly from necessity.  Noisy velcro yoga mat holders don't work for me!  Here's my fabrications2B "yoga sling"  made in PAINT. These have slings have been available on my etsy store for years and will be available in the fall in the PAINT collection.

Adjusting for all thicknesses of yoga mats, this sling looks absolutely fabulous in PAINT!


Available at Tempe Yarn and Fiber in AZ, these great project totes are custom designed by me.  Is this not a perfect match for the coordinating fabrics of PAINT????????

Ready for your knitting, crochet or craft project, this adjustable, cross body bag let's you see what you're working on.  No guessing "what's in that bag?" or "where's my project?"! 
Please contact me for details.


And…...as usual…...my mind was going crazy during a lecture and I was sketching a design for a stash bag I could take on a trip - the next day of course!     I wanted something different for my handwork.  How perfect was the PAINT collection for this vinyl, improv craft wrap case????


and in the midst of this PAINT, my daughter had a birthday so 
I HAD to make a card.  
How perfect is PAINT???

It was a quickie last minute handmade card, a little rushed but relays the sentiment!!!


Have fun with PAINT!  

Leave a comment below and one winner will receive a free charm pack of PAINT with blessings from Carrie Bloomston SUCH Designs  and Windham Fabrics !

Don't forget…..

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

April is being showered with fabrications2B gifts:

 Iron Caddy Pad for beautiful new Apartment:

….with a heat resistant surface!


Pillowcases for two cutie dudes!

 a custom zipper pouch for spider and butterfly loving gal!


and one more key chain!