Thursday, June 25, 2015

MIA!  I made this new cover for my travel pillow and after logging a week of trains, planes and automobiles, I lost it somewhere between the gate in PHX and my house!!!!  Ugh!!!  If found, contact...

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cortez Quilt Company's! I'm Coming to have FuN!!!

A news post!

As most of you know, my blog is a "show & tell" visual blog.  
Not a fan of writing but more of making, I try and limit writing posts....unless it's important!!


I'll be having fun in SW Colorado next month!!  If you're in the area or want to combine some awesome visits to one of the most beautiful areas of the contry ( and "get your sewing on") come have fun with me at Cortez Quilt Company!!

We'll be having a blast all day.  Two classes and a mid-day trunk show!

check out the link to a full description

Here are a few pictures from previous classes:

The next post will show the bags they made from their fabric!