Thursday, April 16, 2015

BLoG PaRtY !!!! STORY Collection by Carrie Bloomston SUCH Designs

“What’s your story?” 

It's my turn today to share in the STORY collection by Carrie Bloomston !!!!

If you're new to my blog you'll see that it's not really a "blog" blog.  I think of it as a "show and tell".  I'm not one for spending time at the computer - I'd rather spend time at my machines.  So it's mostly pictures, not words...except for posts about Carrie!  

I'm so glad to say that Carrie has become part of my STORY!  When Carrie asked me to play with her new collection of wonderful fabrics I said “YES” before I finished reading the email!  Her previous releases, COLLAGE and PAINT, were so terrific, I knew this new one would be amazing as well! I was lucky to have sewn with Carrie's  PAINT collection, too! Click: Paint Party 2014


A quick intro:  I'm Bonnie and "I can make that".  This has been my mantra for a very long time. But sewing is my passion, my vitamin, my "shot in the arm". I met Carrie last year when Danny from Mommy for Reals asked me to join in the fun sewing for a friend of hers. That was Carrie. Since then I have had the privilage get to know her and to meet her wonderful family with whom she is blessed and who inspires her everyday.

As I tend to be a functional sewer, these quilted tote sets are made for the table game of Mah Jongg – a centuries old, Asian tile game played in many homes and community centers today.  I grew up hearing the clicking tiles while my mother, grandmother and great-grandmother played with their friends.  It was a weekly ritual. It was a game that often came out after family dinners.  Like many family recipes, learning Mah Jongg was passed down to me, too.

When I moved with my husband, daughter and son to different cities, Mah Jongg connected me to new friends/new community. In coffee houses and kitchens, we were tables of women from various backgrounds sitting and sharing ideas and experiences.  I've been fortunate to become close friends with many awesome people.  They have all become part of my story.


Coincidently, my grandmother's mah jongg racks coordinate with Carrie's fabric colors!! Freaked me out a bit, I have to admit!

When I showed Carrie the tote, she found another use for these quilted bags!
Fabulous yoga mat carriers!!

When I first saw “Half  Moon” I knew this versitile print was a winner for the first bag.  Then I realized all the fabrics are unbelievable!!  Deciding which fabrics would pair up was so easy because each STORY print works with another!


Constellation (shown here in Indigo) was destined for “My Favorite Dress”.  It's an original pattern I adapted from own personal favorite dress.  I love the pleat in the back! There are three more in my closet and I totally live in them during the hot summer  - which is a long season here in Arizona!  It’s also the perfect  “day-into-night” dress when exploring Brooklyn with my daughter.  It's a pattern I made myself, hopefully to be printed in the future.


When the dress was done, I started to really play with the fabrics.  Carrie LOVES play so I threw the leftover scraps on the table. I moved them, twisted them and changed their dimension. The fabrics were filled with structure, braided and bedazzled, and became jewelry!!  Carrie's love for hearts is honored with a turquiose charm!

...and a bracelet...

with beads!


When sewing with STORY, I saw words, pictures and glimpses of phrases at every stitch, every fold, and every time the iron skated across the fabric. 

                                      “MAKE”  “BEGIN”  "LOVE"  "BLESSINGS"

It was truly a creative and inspirational experience. It’s happy fabric.  The print makes you think in the moment.

Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to watch so many talented makers create fabulous works of love from STORY fabric.  

Please find time to take a look and see how they have been inspired by Carrie Bloomston’s SUCH Designs STORY!

Carrie's having a give-away with fat quarters of STORY and a copy of her book, "The Little Spark"!   Click here to enter!!

Thank you so much, Carrie, for sharing your STORY with all of us... and letting us reflect on our own!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's going to be a quiet April...

The studio is going on vacation for most of April, so let's show you what went on in March!!!

stashbee block

prepping for a fabrications2B trunk show

I needed a luggage pocket for my fav bag

teaching improv fabric classes!  yay!

new fab mah jongg totes

passport case

birthday wishes
and wedding blessings - challah cover