Wednesday, May 1, 2013

playing catch up again!

had a little hiatus with a little finger surgery - but all is fine and on the mend. must admit...there was a little withdrawal not being able to be sewing!

here's what's been up:

new mini quilt 9x9

knitting needle cases ready for gift giving at 
tempe yarn and fiber and

after surgery - yuk!

BUNCO mats!

more yoga slings on etsy

moer personal pouches

donated quilt and needle cases for 
Bryn Mawr (PA) NICU Auction!

cool - and BIG -  pin cushions!  

Storage for portable solar panels and power unit

ready to put together the batik quilt started last year!

arizona summer is when you "bunk in" until the sun goes down - the best time to get more creative!

hello summer!! 

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