Saturday, September 26, 2015

This is a GREAT STORY!!!

First an introduction to my friend.

This is Carrie Bloomston. 

If you don't know Carrie, please take a moment to get to know this unbelievably creative, exciting and boundless woman.   Carrie Bloomston (click on her blog, too!)

She has a great new fabric from Windham Fabrics out now! "STORY" by Such Designs.

In a previous post, I let you know how fortunate I was to be part of her village and sew with these beautiful prints.

Here are some of them:

        (This dress pattern is coming soon!)

 (So is one for this bag!)



Let's talk about this necklace.

It began as a "thank you gift" for Carrie but she loved it so much she wanted to include it in her promotional pictures!  

So it was among all the beautiful and creative work by amazing artists in Carrie's/Windham's Look Book marketing STORY fabric.

Others liked it, too!!  Among the admirers was the editor of 
International Quilt Scene Magazine !!!

AHHHHH!!  (of course, screamed when I received the email from her that she wanted to publish it!!)

Many many thanks to Quilt Scene Magazine!    I have provided complete instructions which will be in the October/Fall issue!!!


You will be able to get creative and make your own! 
(or have a good friend make one for you!!)

Quilt Scene magazine will be available at International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston and on newstands at Barnes & Noble and Joann's.
Both the physical and digital versions are available from the Interweave Store Site after October 1.

Thank you Carrie!!   Thank you F&W Publishing!!!!

and thank you to Jill McNamara for the fabulous photographs!! 



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